3. Building

Since most of the units are rented on a property you have a better chance to lease the premises or purchase proprietary...

However, you have to watch out for:

  • Different owners: some people are not able to maintain the purity and jeszce worse fulfill his part of the contract.
    Try to get references from former tenants .
  • Analysis rent - make sure that you fully understand the contents of the lease agreement that has not proved that after some time the fee increase .
  • Fees and time - the purchase of the premises can be expensive and time-consuming , so take advantage of legal advice.

You can also find the developer and save time. The developer will determine:

  • Location - identify areas appropriate for you.
  • Type - lease or ownership.
  • Required lenth lease.
  • The size of the area and the maximum price per square meter.

ABEX works with companies that can help you find your perfect place. Just ask!

In a time in which you are looking for your building, you will also be looking for means to finance new playroom. In the next traffic get more information on the proposed methods of funding and what will be needed to secure them