5. Designing

The work of our design team puts us way ahead of others on the market, both in terms of our technical skills as well as creative talent. Our design team develops not only the construction site, but also graphic design, illustrations, and form new products.

Using technologically advanced 3D software for the design, always guarantees something new and fresh , whether your needs are small or large. Our team is committed to the development of new products and concepts which allow to increase the level of play and fun in your playroom.

Successful Playroom is not only a design - whether you considered the following?


  • Safe entry and exit.
  • A separate VIP area, to avoid confusion with other children.
  • Wheelchair access and children, ramps if needed.


  • Select the floor carefully, the children are in socks most of the time.
  • Choose furniture with rounded edges.
  • It should be close enough to allow parents to have a drink without having to leave their younger children.
  • Not too close to the reception.

Separate rooms

  • Close kitchen part, the ideal solution is a separate loa to those rooms.
  • Furniture for children are useful, introduce an element of fun to the outer space.
  • A special chair in which to sit Birthday host (eg throne).

Liability Insurance

  • We will advise you on all matters relating to insurance against civil liability.

Once you accept the project can proceed to the construction phase.