6. The build

Our team of engineers carried out the installation in all corners of the country as well as abroad. We are working with our engineers for many years and we are confident that we will install a playroom designed so as you 'd expect. Specifications of our products ensures that the entire system is mounted correctly, on-site, and on time!

In order to ensure a stress-free installation, our project manager will be your single point of contact. End of hovers on the phone, not knowing who to talk to. He will contact you in advance to enter you in the construction process. Also visit the hall if you need it and help you with any problems that may occur, thus saving you time and money.

If you have any questions about the construction phase, click here to contact us.

Your fantastic new indoor playground has been built and is ready to open.
The next step will allow you to learn more about the dynamic start , some of the maintenance and management of the road.