We have developed a "Seven Steps to Success" to help you and answer all your questions. If you do not find the answer, please contact us. Answer for sure, even the most difficult questions 

The first step is your idea. 
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1. The idea

If you are interested in organizing a playroom for the kids? - But the question is where to start?
You already taken the most important decision and chose ABEX company as a potential supplier - now let us show you how we can help you:

  • We use our knowledge to your needs. We do not support you only until the opening. Your business is very important to us, therefore, make every effort for you to start, but primarily remain the owner of the income and profitable business.
  • We have a wide knowledge which will help you the best possible return on investment, regardless of whether you want to spend a lot or a little.
  • Games room offers the perfect solution to the problem of security. Many people think that playing on the street is no longer safe and carefree fun in the parks of the past, opening a playroom can provide children with the opportunity to play in a safe environment.

The next step is the "Location", so to best suit your customers.

2. Location

Object selection is one of the most important decisions you will have to take. While this may seem time consuming, with us will be incredibly easy.


Shopping Centre or Amusement Park is probably the best place that you can choose. Although the cost of hiring in these locations is greater , however, often offset by a good parking space, regular transport links and proximity to busy roads.
If your budget does not include such high investment, you still have plenty of other options. Here are our tips:

  • Search for a good location for residential areas, where competition is less.
  • Local objects - the best place next to the largest supermarkets.
  • Check connections - the more, the better.
  • Check local zoning plan area in search of new roads, which in the future could increase traffic to your site.
  • If you need more information, click here to contact us

Once you find a location you also need to place the appropriate size, height, and legal status - one that suits the implementation of your plans.

3. Building

Since most of the units are rented on a property you have a better chance to lease the premises or purchase proprietary...

However, you have to watch out for:

  • Different owners: some people are not able to maintain the purity and jeszce worse fulfill his part of the contract.
    Try to get references from former tenants .
  • Analysis rent - make sure that you fully understand the contents of the lease agreement that has not proved that after some time the fee increase .
  • Fees and time - the purchase of the premises can be expensive and time-consuming , so take advantage of legal advice.

You can also find the developer and save time. The developer will determine:

  • Location - identify areas appropriate for you.
  • Type - lease or ownership.
  • Required lenth lease.
  • The size of the area and the maximum price per square meter.

ABEX works with companies that can help you find your perfect place. Just ask!

In a time in which you are looking for your building, you will also be looking for means to finance new playroom. In the next traffic get more information on the proposed methods of funding and what will be needed to secure them

4. How do I fund my idea?

We may contact you with companies with experience in the financial sector, we recommend that you dzwnił to them in connection with a particular project. Mention that you were referred by us will be treated with particular care. 

If you've determined what you're looking for premises, you will need to provide the following documents: 

  • 3 monthly statements from your personal / commercial account. 
  • Personal liability, net loans including other private equity agreement with the value of the house or unregulated mortgage. 
  • The business, including certain numbers. 
  • Details of the place you are looking for. 

Case closed building and finance, the question is how to design a square to maximize the offer?

5. Designing

The work of our design team puts us way ahead of others on the market, both in terms of our technical skills as well as creative talent. Our design team develops not only the construction site, but also graphic design, illustrations, and form new products.

Using technologically advanced 3D software for the design, always guarantees something new and fresh , whether your needs are small or large. Our team is committed to the development of new products and concepts which allow to increase the level of play and fun in your playroom.

Successful Playroom is not only a design - whether you considered the following?


  • Safe entry and exit.
  • A separate VIP area, to avoid confusion with other children.
  • Wheelchair access and children, ramps if needed.


  • Select the floor carefully, the children are in socks most of the time.
  • Choose furniture with rounded edges.
  • It should be close enough to allow parents to have a drink without having to leave their younger children.
  • Not too close to the reception.

Separate rooms

  • Close kitchen part, the ideal solution is a separate loa to those rooms.
  • Furniture for children are useful, introduce an element of fun to the outer space.
  • A special chair in which to sit Birthday host (eg throne).

Liability Insurance

  • We will advise you on all matters relating to insurance against civil liability.

Once you accept the project can proceed to the construction phase.

6. The build

Our team of engineers carried out the installation in all corners of the country as well as abroad. We are working with our engineers for many years and we are confident that we will install a playroom designed so as you 'd expect. Specifications of our products ensures that the entire system is mounted correctly, on-site, and on time!

In order to ensure a stress-free installation, our project manager will be your single point of contact. End of hovers on the phone, not knowing who to talk to. He will contact you in advance to enter you in the construction process. Also visit the hall if you need it and help you with any problems that may occur, thus saving you time and money.

If you have any questions about the construction phase, click here to contact us.

Your fantastic new indoor playground has been built and is ready to open.
The next step will allow you to learn more about the dynamic start , some of the maintenance and management of the road.

7. Opening day and beyond

Carefully waited and dream opening day. We want to make sure that you know well and everything runs smoothly. Our graphics department can design for your invitations, web site, advertising in line with the theme of your playroom to entice new customers, and if necessary, we can give you tips on how to create a local publicity, employment, market research and customer loyalty. 

To your playroom looked like the day it opened, it is worth to invest in maintenance of ABEX package. You are able to adjust the level of insurance to meet your needs. All maintenance solutions go hand in hand with a package of emergency to help you if there is a bigger problem. This peace is just another reason to talk to us about the development of your room. 

If you have any questions about marketing, employment and maintain the playroom, click here or call: 509-277-577

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