The company ABEX was based on many years of experience building, designing and equipping playrooms for children.

Our company is a well organized team of top professionals who have over eight years have developed the perfect formula workmanship and construction technique, which has a large impact on the installation, development and transfer of prefabricated structures.

Based on our experience and knowledge of the operation of such facilities, we provide the possibility of adapting premises adapting them to specific needs. We provide professional advice on the selection of equipment, site preparation and basic security.

We created many unique playrooms, both in small venues and shopping malls. For their production we use high quality materials, so the equipment supplied by us is a guarantee of quality and safety. All our appliances have the required certificates and approvals.

Provided by our company equipped playrooms will allow you to create a unique place for children, where in addition to great fun will be provided with complete safety.